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We offer top notch personalized service and support.

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American Tax offers quick and reliable Tax Preparation in Macon, GA! We strive to provide you with the maximum allowable tax refund. Where's my refund? Its at American Tax where you can always rely on us for unmatched customer service. This year we are offering up $5000 Refund Advance for those who qualify!

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At American Tax we want you to keep your money in your pocket! That’s why at American Tax there are no upfront fees or hidden fees. We give you the Refund you want without charging an arm and a leg.

No Upfront Fees

At American Tax our customers are a priority! We strive to provide the best in customer service and solve your problems without hassle. Choose American Tax and join our growing Family!

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At American Tax we know the most important thing is taking care of your family. Our tax experts are here to help you take advantage of every benefit you’re legally entitled to ensure you have what you need to take care of your family.

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